I’m Tina Krug, the owner and principal at Red Fern Landscape Design. 


I grew up gardening with my mother and grandmother in North Carolina’s red clay.  Since then, I’ve been digging and drawing across much of the country, working as a landscape contractor, manager, and designer in Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, New England and Iowa.  A plant geek at heart, I earned a Master’s degree in horticulture from North Carolina State University.  While I love plants and designing, I deeply value education.  My training and time in the classroom informs how I work and interact with clients – I want my clients to be knowledgeable and confident about their designs.   

These days you’ll find me watching the sunset with my husband and our two sons on our acreage southwest of Adel, Iowa.  College basketball and hot coffee keep this Southern girl thawed out from November through April, when I start swooning over the mature asparagus stand in our garden.  Until now, I’ve planted asparagus at three houses and left before it could be harvested every single time!