the red fern design process


let’s get to know each other

I ask a lot of questions, and we start it right off on the website - there’s a button at the bottom of the page to get us started off on the right foot. I’ll read through it, we’ll chat on the phone to make sure we’ll be a good fit, and then I’ll schedule an initial consultation with you at the project site to discuss a design strategy uniquely tailored to your project. Then I’ll send over a proposal for you to approve, and we’ll move forward.


design Basics & conceptual plan

A comprehensive site inventory and analysis will contribute important practical information. Circulation and use analysis helps us put the right things in the right places. I’ll use 3D sketches, mood boards, and other tools to help drive the design style. All this work gives us the WHY behind our design decisions. We’ll meet and discuss, I’ll refine the ideas, and soon through this collaborative process we will be able to move forward to a final plan that you’ll love! 

Landscape Design plan

We take all the bubbles, squiggles, notes and ideas from the conceptual planning give them actual shape and character. I’ll create a design plan that’s detailed down to the flower color on a shrub and paving pattern on a patio. Design principles like rhythm, order, and unity keep me in check, making sure I’m creating a cohesive, complete outdoor space. I’ll select hardy plants that will do their job without too much work from your end, and consider the mature sizes and shapes of plants so your landscape can grow into itself.


Your final design package will include a scaled master plan, planting plan, hardscape plan, and construction documents.  You’ll also have perspective drawings to give you 3D views of the new landscape design, along with 8.5x11 books detailing information about each plant and the hardscape materials we selected. You’ll have a maintenance plan to know what’s expected for years to come. With all these materials, you’ll be fully equipped to see your project come to life, and I’ll work with you and with licensed professional contractors to get your project installed.