We should live in our yards, not just look at them. 

During the landscape design process, we work to understand your goals and interpret your vision for enjoying your yard.    Landscape design involves an extensive, interactive sequence between the designer and the clients.  Communication is key so that we can clearly understand our clients’ objectives and then filter them through the realities of the property to create a cohesive, beautiful design.

Wondering about the fee?  Custom design fees can range widely, as each project will have a unique scope and scale.  We don't do cookie-cutter landscape design, so there's no cookie-cutter price tag.  You can expect the design fee to run between 5-15% of the construction costs for your project.  

Have questions about your specific site?  I'd love to talk!

When I set out to renovate my front walkway, my goal was to take it from nonexistent to functional and also beautiful! I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing and called my dear friend and gifted landscape designer, Tina Krug. Quickly she had a plan laid out for me. She took my general idea and gave it structure and beauty. Tina considered the practical needs of a major entrance to a home, as well as what impact the design has on the “feel” of a space. Our wider walkway is easy to navigate and welcomes a visitor. I am thoroughly pleased with the final product and would highly recommend her expertise to any potential client!
— Christy & Nic | Design clients