What the Dutch know about planters

Most European towns have great combinations of plants outside their restaurants, but no one quite knows how to handle horticulture like the Dutch.  These planters grace a sweet lunch and dinner spot in the sleepy town of Delft.

Plant combinations have a tremendous effect on the mood of their surroundings.  Here the color palette is a study in subdued contrasts: silvery-blue, deep purple-black, and touches of creamy yellow... Broad glossy foliage combined with thin, airy stems... It's not jarring but it's not boring either! Summer evenings in the Netherlands last until after 10pm, so mix these elegantly casual planters with a few great cocktails, and you've set the perfect stage for interesting conversations that stretch over hours.

New Hampshire Photo Shoot Preview

Photography at work
Coneflower blooms in NH

A few weeks ago I got to travel back to New Hampshire to work with John Benford Photography on three residential properties that we've designed.  I had this very limited window to score great photos of some of my work in New Hampshire, and John juggled rain clouds, slopes and shadows while wrangling ladders and lenses to get the best shots. It was a crazy thing to organize from another time zone - between scheduling the availability of the clients' properties, getting clean-up accomplished, and waiting on weather to cooperate during the two days I was there, my type-A skills were stretched.  I had help from John's Landscaping of Madbury, whose team worked hard to clean up the properties and get them ready for their big day.  My sweet friend Danielle helped my preview the properties the day prior to the two-day shoot, and she helped me cram a bunch of thank-you plants into the tiny rental car.  The late summer blooms were in full effect in New Hampshire. It was really fun and satisfying to see how the properties I've worked on are beginning to grow into their own. 

One of the properties

Above is a quick snap of one of the properties we shot over the two days.

It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot about what you need at an outdoor photo shoot!  I have a whole list now, from a whisk broom to a spray bottle of water.  So excited for these pictures to come out.