Introductions: Hey Central Iowa! We're new in town!

Red Fern Landscape Design is starting fresh in the Des Moines area!  We are thrilled to be kicking off the business in a new planting zone, new time zone, and new area code.

After years with great clients in New Hampshire, our family of four had the opportunity to move to Iowa to be closer to extended family.  While I miss New Hampshire (and North Carolina before that!), I am excited for this new start in a part of the country that captures my heart and imagination like no other.

Our new logo, website and brand reflect the elegance, professionalism, and love of plants that is unique to Red Fern Landscape Design.  Owning this business is a dream come true for me – I get the privilege of planning and designing landscapes for welcoming, enthusiastic clients eager to enjoy their yards.  It is a delight to consider the demands and dreams that each family has for their unique property.  Having lived and worked in three very distinct regions of the country, I’ve noticed one consistent thing for sure- we love to be outdoors, regardless of the climate! 

As the years have gone by, I have grown more confident in my niche: an independent, design-only firm.  Clients comment on how they can trust recommendations and selections from a designer unaffiliated with a particular nursery or contractor, and meanwhile I get the pleasure of working with (and sending clients towards) a wide variety of talented, dedicated landscapers and plantspeople.  I look forward with great enthusiasm to the next season of life for Red Fern Landscape Design, here in Iowa! 

During the design process, I’m also thinking ahead to how the landscape will come to life – considering the contractors and vendors who might provide expertise and materials for the project.  It really matters whose hands are on your work!  In the same way, building this brand required an incredibly skilled team.  I’m forever grateful to Irene Farrimond and her team at Magnoliahouse Creative for their design work – I learned so much from this process AND scored a stunning logo and website!  John Benford Photography took photos of a few past projects in New Hampshire, and Morgan Moon Photography shot the pics of me at work.  Both of these professionals really captured what the process and results look like.  I’m thankful to have worked with such experts.

Please make yourself at home!  Feel free to poke around the beautiful new website, learn more about who I am and how this business works, and check me out on social media!  I am delighted to get to know you.